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Tahiti Moon + Dead water

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I have black tahiti moon sand in my 5 gal and a while back I was told that densely planted sand tanks would not need siphoning or even churning. Now I know dead water can/will happen but it would make sense that a forest of plants would take care of the build up of nitrates and such, but I'm not very sure and I do not want to accidentally kill my fish. If this is true, would plants like anubias and java fern be sufficient to take care of this? I would think I would need plants rooted into the sand for it to work, which I dont (except for 1 anubias that I dont have anything for it to grow on so its just floating about), I also have frill and cabomba, but just the two I would think wouldnt be able to do the job. Any suggestions/comments?
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Plants rooted in any substrate will introduce oxygen through their roots. Plants that are not rooted will not do this.

I would use only the thinnest layer of any substrate with these plants. More as a decoration.
So my original question was would a densely planted sand tank need to be churned? I have all of my anubias and the one fern I have growing on lava rock or driftwood except the one I said that was floating about with nothing to grow on yet, and now only one frill (I took out the cabomba there wasnt enough light getting to it with everything else I have in there). Anyone have any good suggestions for a plant I can carpet my sand with? Would that even work with sand? I'm a newbie with fish and plants if ya cant tell :D
I have tahitian moon sand aka TMS in 3 tanks and all are heavily planted and thriving. I have zero problems with anaerobic substrate. TMS is my favorite substrate by far. Extremely easy to plant in.
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