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taffy's 40g breeder (56k warning)

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I have been hiding in the shadows for a while now and since i impulsively bought plants today i figured it was time to become a full posting member.

This is my 40 gallon journal. I originally wanted to go for an iwagami style tank but im not quite sure if this is going to turn into that. So far it makes me happy and thats what matters in the end, isn't it? Id like more red plants in there but the store i went to didn't have many. Any plants that i take out can go in my 75 whatever tank, its my first tank that has literally whatever plant i thought was cool at the moment.

Equipment for my tank right now is is kinda sketchy but its ok because i have no fish. I have a Zoo Med AquaSun T5-HO Double Light Linear Fluorescent Hood - 36 inch. Im going out on a limb and saying its high light because if i look at my tank for to long it hurts my eyes. i hope its high light because most of my plants supposedly need high light. Heater is el cheapo from petco but will be replaced when i put fish in. Filter is a marineland emperor 400. Its over filtered but i hear thats alright. im going to get a co2 tank but for now im using excel flourish and iron.

Alrighty onto whats in my beauty. Its what they wrote on the bag im not a plant guru yet. Some of them where bunch plants that i split up on planting.
Glosso x3
Crispis x3
Namus Ludwig x3
Calamistratium x4
Chain sword x5

No fish as of yet but im going to go for little schoolers. No idea what kind, suggestions are welcome. As long as they dont eat baby shrimp because i want to go that direction.

My original scape idea. i stayed very close to it, i took out the cat though. Arya liked the tank the way it was because she could taunt my dog Benjen.

Ariel shot of my scape with the gravel baffles shown.

Just the front. i forgot to take pictures at this point.

First picture after remembering that i was making a journal.

Thanks for looking and commenting beforehand. g'night all.
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Looks pretty nice! You gonna put anything in the sandy area? Oh and the rocks on the left remind me of the lion king lol.
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