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Tablet Recommendation?

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So Mother's day is coming up, any tech savy people here can recommend me a model for my mom? For her its mostly for wechat (I got a surface and i can't install it, but my friend's samsung can), angry birds, youtube, and the occasional google search. So something easy to use and can be converted to chinese (she doesn't read any English). Oh and have options to enlarge all the text (she can't see very well)

I know nothing about tablets myself, lol so any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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I recommend you get the ipad mini or the regular sized ipad. My mom was previously a technological dinosaur and when we got her an iphone 5s we were not sure at all if she'd be able to use it. Now's she's pretty tech savvy with the darn thing LOL. In the setting you can set the default language to chinese (great for her, but when she needs help with something I can't read anything haha) You can also set the default text size to large and mind you my mom has pretty bad eyesight, she says it's lao hua, but she does fine with the iphone. Apple tablet screens are much bigger/spaced out so if you she can read her iphone screen your mom should do just fine with the tablet screen. All in all apple products are really simple to use and imo it's pretty intuitive since they're designed so that small children can use it (The majority of small kids I see using electronics are all using apple stuff... can't remember the last time i saw a 3 year old using an android :p). I have an android tablet but I find navigation more complicated and sometimes redundant. Also... because my mom doesn't know pinyin theres an apple keyboard that allows her to draw each word in. She went from not being able to text on a dumb phone to being able to text all of her friends in chinese and check her mail etc.
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Even though they are more costly, Apple products are the easiest to use. Everything can be explained to even a tech noob and they will understand it.
I got my mother an ipad in 2012 and she learned how to use it in just a couple of days. My grandmother, who is 82 and has never used a computer, typewriter, or anything of the sort in her life also got an ipad and she can do facebook and send emails and do skype chat.

Definitely go for an ipad. Get the larger one. It'll be easier to read and use. They start at $499 for a 16GB (all your mom will need I assure you) ipad air (10").
You can get a mini starting at (I believe) $350 but it's worth it to get the big one.
Take you mother in and have her pick out a device. Give her a choice of 2 or 3. I personally detest Apple's locked down devices and overprice hardware & apps. That's my personal opinion however. Android is 80% of the devices right now and realistically they can pretty much do the same things. Android consistently is less expensive. This is because of a higher level of competition for both hardware and apps.

I picked up an $80 7" tablet for my four year old for christmas. He can navigate that thing better than I can. Its slow and the screen resolution is not the best but it works. It's about as good as the first generation ipad/galaxies. My wife has the first 10.1 galaxy.
Not a fan of android. I have both.
It's not responsive and userbility can be better.

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I suggest an ipad mini/air, solely because theyre easiest to use. my mother had a tablet running... uh the OS named after sweets. anyway she couldn't figure it out and eventually ended up returning it and getting an iPad air & can actually operate it without calling/texting my brother or I for help every five minutes, aha.

there is also a feature that enlarges the text. the iPad/apple line also has really nice language features, and you can set the language to display either 简体 or 繁體. and like neilshieh said, the keyboard allows you to type based on pinyin/stroke/a text-based input where you physically write the character you need. I find using a stylus to be easier with this method but then again I have awful handwriting. I haven't tried Chinese language settings on other devices, but the iPad's is pretty simple to use.
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