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Are these real?
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OK. Thanks for the replies!

How about using a 48" ballast to drive a 24" bulb? Same thing?
Yep, same thing. Overdriving means connecting multiple leads of a ballast that can drive multiple bulbs to a single bulb. So for example you buy an electronic ballast that can drive 4 bulbs, and connect two of the four leads to one bulb.

There is a very educative thread by some Gareth somewhere in the bowels of this board, search for ODNO...

How long do overdriven bulbs last?
Not as long as non-overdriven bulbs. That's about as precise as one can be given that there are many bulbs, ballasts, and ways to overdrive.

BTW a simple overdrive is to use T5NO bulbs in a T5HO fixture. Why? Sometimes they are cheaper. Same thing applies, they won't last as long. I did that for a while and some die before reaching a year, while others make it 2 years or so.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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