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T6 bulb?

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Anyone know how a T6 bulb compares to a T5 or a T8?

I was thinking of adding a Quantum Aquatics 40W 7000K T6 bulb in with a 32 W T8 6500K bulb over my 40 gallon long tank.
But I'm wondering if the T6 may be too strong; closer to a T5. :confused:

My original plan was for one 40W T8 18,000K Aqua-Glo
and one 32W T8 6500K Philips Daylight Deluxe.
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T6 is rather uncommon size for bulbs. The only fixtures I've seen with T6 bulbs are from sketchy brands.

What length is the fixture?
I purchased a used/like new Perfect-a-light Double Bright 48" light strip, with a high polished aluminum reflector. Changed the defective ballast in it.

These "new" bulbs supposedly fit into a T8 Fixture.

Here's the link to my post for my lighting choices on this tank. I'm trying to keep it "low tech".
This bulb is discontinued

Just called Ethical Products, Inc., the parent co. for Quantum Aquatics and they said they are discontinuing this bulb due to lack of sales.
So, there's no sense in me trying to find out if it would work for me or not in this tank...

Here's the bulb info fyi. PetMountain only had 3 left in stock if anyone has any interest in picking them up from them.
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