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T5NO Fixture with moonlight?

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I'm looking for a 2 x T5NO fixture that includes a moonlight for my 75 gallon tank. Anyone know of one? I see Catalina offers moonlights as an add on to their fixtures, but I don't see where they offer T5NO fixtures, only HO ones. Has anyone added Catalina's moonlight kit to a Coralife 2 x T5NO fixture? I was thinking of doing that also, but it's kinda hard to see how it works from the picture. It appears to be connected to a transformer which is then direct wired into the existing fixture. I've never owned a Coralife fixture, but I assume their wiring is accessible?

It will sit on top of the tank and be approximately 19" from the substrate. I'm looking to get low to low-medium light out of this, nothing more. I'm not interested in using CO2.
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Thats a great price for the coralife fixture
Thats a great price for the coralife fixture
Yeah, I'm thinking about buying it but would like some feedback on the other one. Since it has moonlighting, I figured it might be worth the extra few dollars.
I have same lights as you and am looking for moonlights. I have about settled on these. They also sell in a 48 inch model.
If you're considering buying a new fixture I would get a T5HO (more options) and use the screen door mesh as discussed over here
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