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Hey guys! Currently, have a 55 gal with (presumably overkill?) a 48" Nicrew Full Spectrum LED light in the back of the tank, 2x 50w 6500K LED floodlights in the middle, and 1 36" Finnex Stingray 2 in the very front. I am attempting a dutch-like tank, not exactly following guidelines and terracing but wanting to grow the mass density plant-look. The plants, at the moment are pearling like crazy and the tank looks like a 7-up or sprite bottle, EI dosed and CO2 at very lime green. Have had the tank running for a year, but recently added in the floodlights and CO2, and the plants are growing in nicely.

I'd like to replace the 48" LED light in the back with a dual fixture T5HO, and possibly remove the 36" in the front if t5ho and floodlights combined can provide great enough intensity.

Now, I'm somewhat very inexperienced when it comes to lighting. VERY inexperienced. I do not like the "cool" temperature color the 48" brings to the tank, and I like a more neutral/slightly red tone. There are also spots where the lighting aren't as bright because the 6500k floodlights have a focal point and does not spread light like an LED, mainly the back corners. If I go the t5ho route, the t5ho's will be lighting up the background plants and the floodlights will be lighting up the foreground/midground plants. Considering the two floodlights are 6500k, what two t5ho bulbs would be best?

I wanted to use this as my fixture as well: link to the fixture

I'd also like for someone to enlighten me and tell me if I'm totally bonkers on wanting to attempt this.
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