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t5HO bulbs

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So i have a 90g with a 48 inch 3 bulb catalina fixture raised 2.5 inches off the lid. I run two bulbs that came from catlina a 10K and 6,500. Since I have moved the fish to this tank with the new lighting only the colors on my roseline barbs look good. My lemon tetras, black neons, pearl gouramis, and Laetacara araguaiae colors aren't popping like they used too and the whole tank has that kind of hospital green/yellow hue to it. Is there a good bulb I can run in the third spot to help bring out the color but not affect the algae potential or a bulb I can replace one of the other two with? I run CO2 and the fish are thriving.
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don't know if this helps, but my old lights were t5no by coralife and my fish looked really nice. So some good bulb suggestions will be appreciated.
not exactly sure. when i ordered it they told me to select from the 10K or 6500 so i have one 10K and two 6500, but I only run a 10 and one 6,500
Check out your local hydroponics store. They sell more T5HO daylight lamps in a year than many fish stores will ever sell, so the prices can be great.
thanks but not so much worried about prices. I want to find good bulbs for the plants that don't make my fish seem pale and washed out.
I've seen t5ho bulbs at Home Depot. They're labeled as "warm". I've been tempted to buy a few and try them.. I think they were around $15 apiece.

BTW, the bulbs in my two Catalina fixtures have absolutely no markings on them. I have to take it on faith that they provided the right bulbs for a planted tank as requested.
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