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T5 sizing problems ... anyone else find Current bulbs short?

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I have a Current-USA T5 kit in my canopy and went to change out the actinic bulbs to a more plant friendly spectrum.

Ordered some Giesemanns from Hellolights and when they came they are actually about .75" longer than the Currents so they don't fit.

Has anyone else had this problem?

I could always just replace with Currents, but I can't find a 6500 spectrum in their 39 watt HO bulb (36" spec, in reality ~34")

Thanks for any help!
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Crap! I was going to do this as well... I hope you just got an odd few bulbs o_O

IIRC, Current has a 6000k bulb. Let me know how it goes!
Are you still stuck with a Current bulb or did you find something else?

Anyone else have this happen to em?
That's very weird!

T5 tubes are supposed to come in standard metric lengths. The metric lengths are a bit shorter than the T12/T8 foot length. Giesemann is German, so I'd assume they had the correct length.

Looks like it's time to check to see if Current is playing games with tube length. That would be a cute trick for them to play. Kinda like all the #*@%ing connector types for CF bulbs. :
Had to send the German bulbs back and eat the shipping. Argh.

Ended up just ordering Current bulbs, which fit fine of course. Sounds like a scam to make fittings that just fit your own bulbs!
Seems very strange to me.

I did not get the Current kit; however, I do own two Current Nova Extreme T-5 HO units (48"). They did come with two actinic bulbs on each. One unit I replaced with Giesemanns - 54W 6000k Midday sun. The other unit I opted for the GE bulbs - 54W 6500k Daylight bulbs. NO PROBLEMS with either brand fitting into my Current units.
I would have just checked my fixture but I replaced my actinics with Current's I emailed Current about this. They responded to me and told me that many customers use Geisemann lamps without a problem.

Indeed this is very strange...
Sounds strange that people would contact their lighting manufacturer whenever they switch over to another brand of bulb for their lights.

But if you have some time, maybe buy bulbs from different manufacturers from your LPS/LFS to see if it is true about Current's bulb size. This way, you can easily return them and not really worry about shipping costs.
I have two of those fixtures linked, the 2 bulb ones, and they took Geisemann bulbs just fine, the 36" version anyhow...
Errr.... ummm....

Don't know how else to say this - that is a retrofit kit. I mean, you can set the length to whatever you want, no? You are the one screwing the end caps down, right?
Yes of course. Point is they were set and running with the current bulbs, then new bulbs were slightly longer.
Clarification (again): the Geisemman bulbs were approximately 1/2" - 3/4" longer than the Currents.
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