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T5 over 5 gallon

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So I just bought a 5gallon tank + hood. The hood has a single 8w T5 in it, what light level will this give me? I'm thinkin super low?

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BUMP. I have the same exact setup and was wondering where this put my lighting. At first I thought it would be low but i looked at the PAR table and by that chart I have medium lighting if not high lighting. The 8W T5 light is only 12" from the substrate and it extends the length of the tank. I have plants in their and I used some fertilizer I had left over from I am seeing some growth on all the plants.

Any advice is appreciated.
The watts per gallon rule is outdated anyway, BUT... it's especially unusefull when dealing with smaller tanks.

I would try to add more light unless you jsut want to grow low light plants.

Even a simple screw in CFL in could get you more light.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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