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T5 NO 28watts Vs T5HO 48watts for 20gal

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Hi all,
thanks for all the info.
i know T5 NO 28watts would fit for my setup.
low planted tank with 20gal and 16inch height.
i'm only dosing excel and macro algae.

i found two options.
1. T5NO 2X14watts T5 bulbs but one is actinic which i've to replace
2. T5HO 2x24watts which i think too much light for me.

i talked to local lfs and told me T5HO is fine for me but i'm bit worried as it is too much lighting and no pressurised Co2....

or can i use only T5HO 24watts one bulb..than T5NO....

price came out only like $10difference.

i'm bit consufe so i've to repost it again.
would be glad to hear.

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For a 16 inch high tank T5HO lights would give you way too much light, so much that you would have little chance of avoiding one algae problem after another. You could still use that light by raising it about a foot above the top of the tank, or by putting 2 layers of fiberglass window screen, insect screen, between the light and the tank. The T5NO light would give you about half as much light, which would still be high light, requiring good CO2 to use without lots of algae problems. That one could be used by raising it about 4-6 inches above the top of the tank, or putting one layer of fiberglass window screen between the light and the tank.
Thanks Hoppy as always for your great suggestion.
sure i think i'll get 2x14watt T5NO aqualight and do as you said.

thanks much.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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