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T5 lighting

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I'm getting ready to set up a low tech, no Co2, 65 gallon cube tank. 24" deep. I've been reading posts and articles but still not confident I have it right.

I currently have 2 AquaticLife T5 bulbs that I purchased before I read up lighting. One is labled T5 HO 10,000K 39W AW and the other is T5 HO 420/460 39W AW. What are the total watts for 2 39W bulbs ... 78W? Do I have enough WPG? Isn't 10,000k too high or do Kelvins really matter that much? What is 420/460?

Eco-complete substrate, driftwood

2 Wendtii
4 Amazon swords
2 Red Rubin sword
2 Brazilian Pennywort
2 Windelov
2 Staurogyne repens
1 Lemon Bacopa
5 Anubias
2 Dwarf Sagittaria
? Wisteria
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For depth of your tank, I might would buy two 54 watt T5HO bulb's with 5,000K to 8,000Kelvin rating.
Kelvin not as important to plant's as it is to your eye's or mine, so near any bulb's that are advertised as daylight or full spectrum will work.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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