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Upgrading my 2xt5 light hood to 3xt5 with individual reflectors..

My old set up..Mylar is nice and shiny, but I've read that it gets brittle after a while and flakes into the that was also something that I was looking to replace.

IMG_5084 by Ecopot, on Flickr

supplies and tools

my old DIY hood
hand saw with jig
wood (bought a plank that was 910mmx14mmx30mm)
aluminum sheet

steps in no particular order..

cut the aluminum sheets in to 90mmx4mm strips

IMG_1800 by Ecopot, on Flickr

cut out little triangular pieces from the wood plank like this

IMG_1796 by Ecopot, on

Screw the wood pieces on aluminum to the old hood like this..I used double stick tape to stick some plastic cardboard to the back of the aluminum to keep it straight and make it easier to mount..thought I think strip of thin plywood the same length and width of the aluminum strips would work better.

IMG_5088 by Ecopot, on Flickr

IMG_5089 by Ecopot, on Flickr

Just need to do this 2 more times and will be done.
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