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T5 hood - would this work?

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OK, I impulsively purchased the guts of a T5HO kit, configured with two 48" 54 watt bulbs side-by side at a width of just under 5 inches. However, I find that my two funky junky canopies are both just a tad shy of the width needed to accommodate it.

Checking online, I found instructions for creating a hood from rain gutter. Here is the link-

I wouldn't need something so elaborate, but what about the concept of using rain gutter for a diy hood?

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Well, the point is now moot. Hubbie feels the rain gutter look may be too ghetto for our living room, so I'm returning my impulse buy and getting a complete fixture from fostersmith.

But I appreciate your replies. And stand by, cuz I know once that light goes up, I'll have tons of questions about handling all that light!

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