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T5 HO repair question

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I have a wavepoint 48" Quad T5HO and the other day it got damage(no idea how) one of the plastic thing that hold one of the lamp melted and i think the ballast is toast, can i still salvage my fixture? where can i buy the small plastic thing? Home depot?,lowes?) and ballast?

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You can buy the end caps at some home improvement stores, but I personally would buy the water resistant (water proof?) ones from an online retailer that sells them. Depending on how much clearance you have, you might want to get the stand-offs as well.

As far as the ballast goes, I would test it / get it tested.

At the moment, I would lean towards just a bad endcap pending what you find out about the ballast.
Looking at the picrures but not seeing the bulb holder leaves room for error but it looks to me like the red wire may have gotten a bare part touching the bare metal. The yellow wire and the holder may have been innocent by standers who got burned in the flash. I might have expected more burning on the metal also, so it may have been the holder which failed. In either case, It should be somewhat simple to replace the holder. I would suggest for peace of mind, that I would slide a tube of heat shrink over the burned yellow wire. Once burned the insulation often tends to get brittle and then crack off at some point in the future. That could wind up giving you the same trouble again later. Better to protect it a bit now while handy.
The ballast needs some more info. Does it have one or two ballast? If two, you can test by swapping the suspect one with the good one. Ballasts can be arranged several different ways so it is hard to say at this point.
That bare metal sure would have been a good place for them to add some quality by putting just a dimes worth of tape over the raw edge!!!
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