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T5 HO for 55 Tall

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I culturally have one fixture set up for my 55 Gallon tall. It's a Aquatic Life T5 HO
2x39w. My tanks dimensions are 36 wide x 24 tall. I was told this light set on its legs would give me moderate lighting for live plants. If I add a second fixture, a total of 4x39w bringing it at 156w would this be too much light? I am aiming for plants requiring high lighting.
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I suspect you already have medium light with the 2 bulb light, and I don't think there are any plants that require more light than that. More light might improve the color for reddish plants, if that is your goal. Adding a second one of those lights would be an awful lot of light, but if you are very experienced at getting the CO2 just right, the water circulation in the tank just right, the water surface ripple just right, and the cleanliness of the whole system just right, you might be able to use it.
I have some reds and wanting carpet plants.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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