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T5 Electrical Problem

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One of the bulbs on my T5 fixture decided it didn't want to light up today. I tested the bulb and it's still good.

I don't know much about electrical work, or how this long skinny guy makes the lights light up, but is there any way to repair it? There was an odd burning smell inside the fixture. You can see in the last picture that the brown cylinder on the right melted to the heat shrink that was around it.

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This kind of ballasts are considered disposable... you might luck out and get one that lasts years, and you might get one that dies like yours. I would not try to repair it... not worth the risk to cause a fire and lose fixture, tank and house.

You could buy a similar throw away fixture ( has them, maybe your LFS for a few bux more) and switch the ballasts.

Or, if you are electrically able, buy a cheap electronic ballast at HD and wire it to the bulb remotely (maybe back of the fixture).

Does your fixture have a reflector, or is the black back the "reflector"? Adding a decent reflector can double the light that makes it into your tank.
It does have a reflector, the fixture is in parts right now.

I doubt any of the fish stores in this area even could tell me what a ballast is.

I would attempt retrofitting a ballast from HD, but the fixture itself is very small, and I'm sure it wouldn't fit.

I'm afraid I'm going to have to buy a new fixture. I guess this gives me a good excuse to go with an AHS kit now :)

Anyone want to buy this fixture? I'll give you a great deal :)
That looks like a blown electrolytic capacitor in the pic (the cylindrical part that appears to be 4.7uF). They usually make a burnt fishy smelling odor from the electrolyte. If your handy with a soldering iron thats cheap to fix. But it may or may not be the problem, just another casualty of the real problem which might not be apparent. I see Odyssea printed on the bulb, is the fixture from Odyssea too? If so they are known to have issues and are the one brand to avoid. Even caused fires in the past. Your better off getting a whole new ballast. I have one Odyssea unit and I am debating to gut it and install new ballast just preventatively.
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