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T5 bulbs, which ones to get...

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I am leaning towards T5 for my next tank. is now selling an Icecap T5 retro kit that reasonable priced. I have thought about Tek Lights as well, but the Icecap is actually overdriving the bulb and I could run just 4 (~85W ea) instead of 6 bulbs that I would need on the Tek. If I do get it, I get the choice of any bulbs on there website. Here is what they sell of interest to the planted tank enthusiasts:

ATI Aquablue 12,000K
GE Starcoat 6,500K
Giesemann Midday 6,000K
Giesemann Aquablue Plus 11,000K
URI Aquasun 10,000K
URI Actinic White 12,000K

I have heard talk of the starcoats before, but not much about any of the others. Opinions (especially for those who have actually used them)?

I'd probably get about 8 lights in all so I can experiment with different combinations and have replacements ready.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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