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T12 VHO bulbs in a high tech 75 gallon?

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I recently purchased a used canopy from a reefer friend of mine to be used in a 75 gallon high tech set-up with pressurized CO2. The canopy has some T12 VHO bulbs attached to it, 2 x actinics and 2 x 12000K (I think) .

Was wondering if these are ok to use... The balast has two switches so I can run just two bulbs. I was having trouble finding info comparing T12 VHO with T5HO and I couldn't find any info in the sticky. So I don't know how the PAR data would compare between them, has anyone had any experience with these? Are they way overkill and an algae farm waiting to happen?

They are attached to the canopy so would be roughly 21" from the substrate, there is no reflector either (just aluminum foil).

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