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syringe experience

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I wanted to spot treat BBA so I went to a local rite-aid to pick up a syringe.
I went to the pharmacy area and asked a lady where I can find a syringe. She looks at another person and asks him "do we have syringes?" the guy says something to her and she askes me whats it for? I told her it's for my aquarium. She looks at the guy again and she says "we dont have syringes".

what the heck???
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Try a veterinarian. Pharmacists think you're going to use them for drugs. I used to work for a vet and they didn't have any problems handing out new syringes (without the needle) for a good reason. Ask your local vet for one, if you explain why you need it than you shouldn't have any problems.
What you want is a "plastic oral syringe"... they probably thought you meant a metal syringe. Rite-aid, CVS, or even Walmart should carry them.
They may have thought that you were asking for hypodermic syringes. Ask for an oral syringe, the kind you give newborns medicine with.
I think we all posted the answer at the same time.
you don't want a syringe for like injecting medicine,
you want a dropper for measuring out liquid medicine.
or you can use a larger more expensive turkey baster;
or you could go really nuts and get a Kent SeaSquirt;
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I suppose we are all just eager to help... That's a good thing right? :)
Walgreen's pharmacy has them, lots of different sizes for free there. The 5 ml is the one for test kits. They handed me 3 of them when I asked.

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hehe I guess asking for a syringe for an "aquarium" is a little strange. =P

Next time I'll ask for the medication dropper =)

thanks for the info guys
Yep. Walgreens sells up to 5ML sizes for 30cents a syringe. (wifey works there) If they ask what its for. Tell them its for injecting WTF. Also if you get one of those printer ink refill kits they come with a couple and have nice long non sharp needles that can be swapped with the thin sharpened ones you get with the pharmacy syringes.
If you want the type pictured above go to the baby section and look for medication droppers.
Or spend the 30bucks and get the sea squirt. tho I've fount it hard to control the flow in those type droppers. not really great unless you're dousing a large tank with alot of fert.

If you really have issue tracking some down I have an extra I can send ya.
thanks for the offer blackshunshine.

But I stopped by the CVS pharmacy on the way home from work. And thought I try again.

Before I fallback to the liquid doser I thought I would try asking for a syringe again. Well I got it! But not before some questioning by the attendant.

The key I think is to actually explain what you're going to use it for. Instead of just saying "its for my aquarium" =)

thanks all
Some states you can't even get a syringe without a prescription. It's a pretty damn stupid law if you ask me.

Research your state laws before asking for some. No idea if the cops would be called or not.

Glad you got what you needed. I use regular syringes and needles for my spot treating. Mom, the nurse, rocks!
I'd imagine for smaller nano tanks; micro pipets (spelling?) would work flawlessly.
I'd imagine for smaller nano tanks; micro pipets (spelling?) would work flawlessly.
Pipets work AWESOME! Especially if you can get the long ones. My college lab has them in boxes by the thousands. I kept a few I used one day and they work really well for pushing into moss beds or through a lot of plants.
dude, i work at cvs as a pharmacy tech. They give the plastic syringes out for free all the time.

But when someone askes for insulin syringes(the thin plastic syringes with the 28-31gauge needle tip, at least in new jersey, you need a prescription. I get all my syringes and 60ml, 120ml, 180ml, 240ml, 480ml plastic bottles from there.:icon_mrgr

Just ask them for the plastic kind they dispense with the liquid amoxicillin (the bubblegum flavored pink stuff ;)). We carry 1ml, 3ml and 10ml syringes along with plastic measuring spoon type scoops which i believe are 2 teaspoon=10ml.

But yea, as long as you ask for the right kind and not the ones with needle tips, you should have no problems. CVS occationally gives away free pill organizers(the 7 day long strips with the flip caps) for free to customers, which are great for measuring out food for fish sitters or just to make life easier for yourself.

i am finaling finding some benifit to working there while going to school.:bounce:
They ofcourse also carry Magnesium sulfate over the counter and can order you some items for you like kno3(although its alot more expensive than greg watson).

If you don't have the nerve, wait til your child is sick and score some syringes then.:thumbsup:
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