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Syngonanthus sp. Manaus???

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Hey All,

I know there are quite a few here who have this plant and would like your help/opinion to ID what Syngonanthus sp. I got... Long story short, I 'allegedly' got it mixed with 'Lago Grande' and don't know which one survived :/ And looking it up online, the Manaus I found looks different from what I have... It could be my water param affects the change a bit? Maybe, not sure... So I'm posting some pics and you'll be the judge...



Thanks in advance :)
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IMO it is Syngonanthus 'Madeira'. Manaus has very straight leaves, and this one's leaves are slightly bent (not so much as Belem).
i thought it looks more like manaus
Forgot to mention that I have Syngonanthus sp. 'Madeira', 'Belem' and 'Uaupes' in the same tank so crossing out those 3 because I'm sure of them :) This is the only one that throws me off...
Compared to what im growing it looks exactly like manaus
Cool... Thanks for the input! :)
def manaus
I guess that confirms it... 3 out of 4 comments have IDed that it's indeed Syngonanthus sp. Manaus on the pics above... Thanks everyone for your help! :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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