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swylie's 29g journal; first time w. large tank

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I got a used 29g on craigslist for a very nice price, though it didn't include a hood or stand or anything. Fortunately I'm creative and can swing a hammer, but I get ahead of myself.

So far I've washed the substrate, which is unfortunately Pro's Choice Rapid Dry - unfortunate 'cause it's much closer to sand than gravel, and unfortunate 'cause it was so damn dusty :mad:, but whatever, it should do the trick. I've also scoured the yard for hardscaping rocks, and there's an endless supply of those around here. I live on a former farm in a part of the country where the fields are surrounded by fieldstone walls.

This is my first time working with a tank that's big enough for a serious hardscape, so I'd definitely appreciate feedback. Pardon the mediocre photography and reflections; the substrate is redder and the rocks greener in real life.


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