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Sword Question

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I let my big A. Sword put out some surface leaves and now all it seems to put out is more surface/immersed leaves. I tried cutting off all of the leaves to see if it would start over, but even now its just growing more long stems with small leaves. It was quite nice before I let it put up the surface leaves, so should I just pull it and get another sword?
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Can you take a picture of your sword? (I'm thinking it may be an E. bleheri...)

Also, what lighting are you running over the tank? The sword may be trying to get more light.
The lighting is 4 x 55 T5s, but I only run 2 right now.
Heres one the last good shots of it. Its on the right.

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I just pulled 3 out of the tank last weekend. Hated to do it but they're impossible to contain and still have them look natural. At least in my mixed up tank-O-plants.

I had an Amazon Sword that I didn't really like but kept for a long time. It got too big, I cut it down all the way. It grew short stems with small leaves, so similar but the stems were alot shorter than what they were. It wasn't because the old had grown out either, before, new shoots would grow much longer, after, they would all be about half as long. Maybe after awhile it would have returned to it's normal size but I didn't really want it so I only saw about 2 months of growth after cutting it down. So, similar experience.
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