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sword plant questions

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I recently added 4 huge amazon swords to my tank,they are HUGE! The tank is only a 75 gallon and the swords fill it up but I like it that way.When I added these plants I trimmed some of the beat up looking roots off and there were a few leaves that were a little beat up so I cut those off at the base.These plants were grown emersed and now there submerged so some of the leaves are starting to die off and new leaves are coming from the base but heres the amazing thing I got stalks! in about 2 weeks they shot out of nowhere one is completely out of the water and hitting my coralife light fixture thats mounted above the tank! and the others are near the surface!The light is low at 130 watts and no co2 theres heavy water movement because of my obsession with filtration 2 eheims 2217's and 2 ac 500's.When I planted the swords I put seachems root tabs under them and after my weekly water changes I dose seachems flourish.My question is;How do I continue to keep these plants healthy and happy?Do I keep trimming the old leaves as they start to turn yellow?A few of the old leaves have a couple of small holes on them that are brown around the edges should these be trimmed?Should I add more light?My light fixture is a coralife 260 watt fixture but I only run 130 watts.Is the huge amount of water movement going to cause the plants harm in the long run?By the way my firemouth cichlids love hanging around and in these plants.
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You have what are called "Mother Plants"... You will experience the larger leaves dying off because mommy is expending her energy on the shoot. That shoot is actually going to become another sword. Just trim off the leaves as they yellow and it will make a better sword in the end.

Congrats on the new "lil wun"... :icon_smil
Wait a minute !
Hittin the lights? Maybe just flowers...keep an eye on them but trim the leaves that yellow anyhow. Swords love a good trim no matter what.

P.S. Your lights are fine.
IME with most swords I've had if you let the spike go above the waterline it will flower, if kept below the surface it will produce a plantlet
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