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So I'm already sick of my lowtech, pea gravel tank that just cant seem to keep my plants rooted or give me any decent results. Even after upgrading my light and liquid dosing with flourish, trace and excel.

So this week i'm going to get some proper substrate and then some co2.

This hobby has really turned out to be a massive rabbit hole for me, but i love it!

Question is, I'm torn between flourite sand or eco complete. I have read the substrate pros and cons and got some good information from it.

I want to plant an iwagumi style tank with a nice carpet of Eleocharis parvula or HC. The perfectionist in me is telling to to go with ADA aquasoil though. But since I already have fish, and my tank has been cycled for a few months this might not be an option due to the ammonia leaching.

Someone on another forum recommended that i go with a soil bed and then a sand cap, but is this necessary if i either use eco complete or flourite sand or is it just a way to cut the cost of buying 5 bags at $30 a pop?

Ultimately, whats going to give me the best carpet growth?

Thanks to anyone that takes the time to read and help out.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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