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I just joined the forum today and I'm sorry to say won't be posting pics until after my plants come in but at the moment I have a 5 gal with 5 neons in it. I purchased the setup (just a basic kit from walmart) last spring and the neons have been doing fine. I go home in the summers from school (maine) and since my tetras made it those months with a caretaker I decided I would go ahead and get planting which is something I've been really excited about doing for the first time. The basic included filter is the filter I've been running but before purchasing my plants I purchased a aquaclear 20 I'm really happy with It has been in the tank a full week with the kit filter and I was wondering if it was time to remove the kit filter or should I wait another week or two? I do a weekly 15% water change and any evaporation compensation with water conditioning dose.

Thanks a bunch!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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