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Well the Anubias is a natural with an African themed tank, but having Rams, Tetras and Cories in there with the Butterfly Cichlids makes it a mix, anyway.

A more tropical rain forest stream would sure have leaves and more plants, and any rocks would be buried in leaves, I would think.

I have done a tank sort of halfway between what you have now (in the picture) and what it might be with more plants, and that is a nice look. Mine also started out as a stream, then the plants (a lot of Anubias, some Vals, a few other) grew. Then I moved the tank and started over with the plants, keeping (well, resetting) the rocks. Like yours, a mix of rounded river rock. I have planted different species in there, now, and put different fish in there.

If you are trying to keep to some sort of biotope then rocks and lots of plants do not usually go together.
In nature, if there are a lot of rocks then the water is probably flowing too fast to accumulate fallen leaves, and is too rough for most plants. The low plants you have in the cold water stream are just right: They are low, tucked into the rocks, protected from the water movement. Faster moving water scours away soils and sands, leaving rocks and gravel.
If the water is flowing more slowly then leaves fall, soil or sand stays on the bottom and hide the rocks. Plants grow best in slower moving water. Overhanging trees drop branches into the water, and the branches are not swept away. Roots from the trees may grow when the bank was there, then the bank gets eroded slowly, exposing the roots.

This is not to say that a tank with rocks and lots of plants looks bad, just that they are not found together in nature as much as driftwood/leaf/plant sort of settings.

I like your rock layout.
I would add the dwarf Sag as a ground cover in the sand area, and the Vals or Anubuas behind the largest rock. Crypt wendtii in the back right. Remove the moss. Keep it simple, with just a few species.
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