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Swim bladder disease (SBD)

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Curious if anyone has any long-term experience with the disease.

I've had my betta (Manny) for over a year – bought/rescued him from Petco – and I soon realized, though new to aquariums, that something was wrong with him when I brought him home.

For context, he's always seemed healthy, no dropsy or finrot, etc. But he has problems turning around while swimming and is rather bloated after meals (even really small meals) and between meals. Sometimes he just leans against the wall at the top of his aquarium. He doesn't seem to be a very good swimmer.

I had tried a few things at different times after I got him: dried daphnia, better pellets, occasional fasting, aquarium salt. But it never seemed to clear up and go away.

I'm curious if anyone has dealt with this and for a long period of time? I kind of wonder if he was overfed at the store and developed SBD in his little plastic container. :(