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I have one of my female bettas that was in a sorority and ended up getting kicked out of her domain. The other girls are a little bit more active than her so I had to separate her in hopes of finding her a new home. She is very beautiful but has become a little skittish and I am working on building her confidence back up in a tank with a little handicapped danio LOL. She will chase him a little here and there but otherwise I think he's been good to bringing up her confidence a little ( she doesn't catch him though and he's perfectly fine)šŸ˜„. But currently I have her in a three and a half gallon which is normally my quarantine tank. She's doing better but definitely needs a new home with a larger tank and some very docile tank mates as she is used to a 15 gallon Community tank. I will add a few pictures of her and if anyone is interested in giving her a new home I do live in the Tampa Bay area so please let me know! I love her and hate to give her up but I cannot in good conscience keep her in this little tank. She is a beautiful sweet girl!!
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