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Sweet Aquatics of Hamilton, Ohio

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I was looking to restock several of my tanks with plants and last month placed my first order with Sweet Aquatics in Hamilton, Ohio (see I chose them for several reasons:

1 - they sell regularly on
2 - they have over 1,200 positive feedback ratings on that web site
3 - they have a good selection of plants
4 - they offer free shipping on orders of over $35

I placed my order via their web site and it arrived a little over a week later (they ship on Mondays and Tuesdays via USPS Priority or Express). Some of the plants that I ordered included: Cryptocoryne crispatula, Cryptocoryne ciliata, Nesaea pedicellata, Cryptocoryne petchii, Cryptocoryne undulata and Echinodorus rubin. The plants were all wrapped in damp newspaper and then placed in plastic bags with the identification of the plants written on each bag. They arrived in good condition and were exactly as ordered. I liked my experience so much I just placed a second order with them. I would highly recommend ordering from Sweet Aquatics as opposed to some plant nursery that is overseas. They accept payment via credit card, money order, cashiers check and PayPal.
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I just received plants from them today. I only spent 10 bucks as to see what shape they would arrive in before I ordered a bigger order. I got 3 bunches alternanthera reineckii var. roseafolia(8 inches) and 5 clumps narrow leaf chain sword (pretty tall). They came exactly as you described. Very professional looking and healthy plants. I will be ordering some more plants in the future from them after these grow and fill in a bit.
I ordered from them via Aquabid before. I was quite happy with the order, the condition of the plants, how they were packaged, etc. I would recommend them too :)
Good to hear good reviews on them. Was considering purchasing some plants from them, and picking them up as I'm only 10 minutes away from their location :) Will do for sure now.
Well my second shipment from them arrived yesterday. I was impressed with the size of the potted Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Red', the number of stems included with Hygrophila difformis (10-12) and the size of the Java moss (about 4" square). The contortion vals and baby tears were also quite good.
Another delighted customer

Just got my order from them today and am delighted. Plants were packed well and clearly labeled. Plants were generous sizes and very healthy.

Delivery was fast.

Prices were great.

I would (will) definitely buy from him again.

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