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Ok, so bear with me for a moment while I explain...

I currently have a Fluval Edge 6G running (everything is stock on it), its well established (over a year) but I wanted to completely rescape it, substrate and all. It currently has inert gravel. I was trying to find a way to do it without totally disturbing the ember tetras and red rilli shrimp I have in there. Especially since I planned to use ADA Powersand/Aquasoil Amazonia in it and I know it leaches ammonia.

So, I found a really good deal on a second Edge tank and bought it. I have scaped it and it has had a filter/heater running for about a week and I am doing regular 90% water changes on it to clear the ammonia. Now I plan to just swap the new tank into the setup using the already established filter. I have questions though about when and how to complete this process

My questions are...
1. Am I safe to transition the inhabitants to the new tank and swap the tanks once it shows 0 ammonia and very, very low nitrite (less than 1) to the established setup? I figure the established filter should be able to knock out that Nitrite no problem. I know there is a fair amount of bacteria in the substrate and on the glass of my old tank, but the power sand plus should help to kick that process into gear in the new one as well.

2. When the time comes should I transfer all of the water from the established tank to the new tank to ease the acclimation for the inhabitants? I'd probably do 50% transfer then transfer fauna then transfer the other 50%. Would vaccuuming a little junk out of the old gravel into the new tank help or hurt that process?

3. Should I drip acclimate the fish/shrimp during this process to the new tank since the PH may differ in the new tank due to the Amazonia?

Thats it for now, let me know of any other problems I may run into...
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