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I have some very healthy, algae free;
Christmas Moss - Vesicularia montagnei
see my 29gal profile for a recent photo.
Vesicularia generally don't stick to things,
which make they great for moss walls,
but I would like to try something stickier
since I recently got some manzanita twigs.

My wish list includes;
Taiwan Moss - Taxiplyllum alternans
or another Taxiplyllum such as;
Flame, Peacock or Spikey, but
do NOT trade me with Java Moss!
I already have Java and I don't like
the random way it grows with all
those little dark knots in it.

To keep costs low, I suggest we
put a tablespoon full in a baggie,
press all the air/water out and
then mail it in a regular flat
first class envelope with maybe
2 stamps to be on the safe side.

I'd prefer a cross shipped trade,
so you must have a Ptrader>1
PM me if you are interested in Trading
with your Taxiphyllum or even a Fissiden.

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anyway i could buy some christmas moss off you?
since in ur nyc too i wonder how long would the it takes to mail it

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I don't have any moss you're interested in(only java)
but i have to chime in that i agree on the java. it's about the least orderly moss ever.
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