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Hi folks, I'm new to this forum, but been in the hobby for 10ish years now. I have a 38 gallon and 55 gallon(planted with diy CO2) right now. Recently, the bristlenosed Plecos I have in my 38 gallon have been breeding off the charts. No idea what's changed, I've had them for several years and never had them breed on me.

I've been adopting them out to any locals that want some, as I had over 100 babies in this tank 😳. There are no super close small business fish stores near me, but I found out the local petco would take them since they can't get any shipped in during the winter, so they took 30 off my hands, and I've given away about 20 directly to several people locally.

I've still got around 50 babies in here, and this tank will quickly be overrun.

I have the common variety, as well as the Albino.

I live in Oakland NJ, so if anyone is close enough to me and wants to pick up a few for free, feel free to message me to set up a time.

I would also appreciate any tips on local fish stores that are known to take donations


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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