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Suppose an introduction is in order

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Because I've been part lurking, part speaking, part sponging up, going through the information in my sponge, picking out things that conflict, comparing them, reading encyclopedias, part bothering TPT for a month now. This has been a semi-serious endeavor for ~1 year. I'm green at this yet; I've got some book learning, but little experience. Ex: Last week I just found out that wpg is an inaccurate measure. Your long-suffering is required :hihi: I hope, over time, I can repay the information that's already been gifted to me, and maybe make you chuckle in the process.

My tanks: Two low-tech coldwaters, by wallet and principle. I've one 55 and one QT 10g. The 10g houses a painted turtle (see profile pic) whose shell is about a quarter in size, so you can't tell the gender yet. I saved up for a beat-up 55g last November, and it's been up and running since. It's fishless, (due to my own stupidity=CAE's.) but it's a common goldfish tank. My tank's just scattered random plants. But I've have a few scape ideas I'll run past you someday, because I will get honest criticism here that's not based off a judging rulebook.

Summary: I'm downright spellbound by all the pretty tanks. I found a forum to call home, along with all the fellow fish-nuts here... I'm happy to be with you. Hello, everyone :icon_lol:
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Hehe let's not. Kinda dealing with getting rid of my mistakes, i.e. two toned black and white sand. *rubs neck awkwardly* Nice to be here :icon_cool
To hijack my own topic, what's your favorite LFS around here?
Well, my favorite to visit is Aquatics Unlimited. There's a smaller shop in Kenosha, called Jim's Aquarium, not a huge place but has some very friendly employees, and they hook me up on a lot of stuff because I frequent there. Otherwise, almost everything I get is online.
Good to see a teenager pick up the hobby from us old folks. The hobby is alive and well.
Thanks Mistergreen. Nice to be welcomed by the 'old folks' :red_mouth And your signature makes sense. I had to meditate on that for awhile.

Slapnutz: Yeah I've been to Aquatics Unlimited. But not Jim's. Do they have plants? If I'm ever in Kenosha I'll look it up. I take my business to The Fish Factory, kinda in West Allis. Ever been?
Ah yes. I forgot about the fish factory. That's actually where I got my light for my tank. Different owners now though, they will wheel and deal with ya. Much better plant selection there or AU, Jim's doesn't have much in the way of plants.
I didn't know about the new owners, but I did see various employees there one time, and nowhere to be seen afterwards. How long ago did that happen?
I'm not sure when that happened, I've only been there maybe 3 times. But I went in there with a couple friends and you could definitely tell things were different. My buddy was looking at some corals, and before he even said he was interested the guy started throwing deals at him. Definitely wasn't like that before, so I hope that place doesn't go downhill. They have some cool stuff there.
Hehe let's not. Kinda dealing with getting rid of my mistakes, i.e. two toned black and white sand. *rubs neck awkwardly* Nice to be here :icon_cool
Hey, what's wrong with black and white sand? :icon_neut

Hey, what's wrong with black and white sand? :icon_neut
Hehe, well.... A lot of things. So I'm substrate hunting right now.

Slapnutz: Yeah, I've noticed the same about the deal tossing. But I make a point of stopping in there to browse. Maybe once in seven times there will I buy something. So I guess you could say I've conditioned them to stop trying to sell me stuff :icon_roll It's a business, and I think they're trying to compete with AU, which isn't that far away.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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