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I am building the stand that my second 5.5g custom nano tank will sit on. The tank is 6"x30" and the stand top will be 36" x 12", allowing for a roughly 3" border around the whole tank. The base of the stand is a cabinet that is 30"x9" (footprint). The top of the stand is going to be a piece of laminated butcher block, 3/4" thick. Not laminated like plywood, but like 3/4" x 2" real wood slats glued side-to-side.

The top will sit flush with the back of the stand as it will be against a wall, and because it is 9" and the top is 12" it will leave a 3" lip on 3 sides of the top overhanging. This also means that the stand will only have the 1x4's that make up the frame of the stand supporting it on 3 edges, the 4th edge, the 1x4 will be about 3 inches away.

Should I add any additional support to the top of the stand, such as another piece of 1x4 laterally through the middle (the long way) or will this be sufficient support for the tank as is?
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