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Currently I test the following parameters:

PH \
+ |--- Co2
KH /

What other things should I test for? Currently I bought some Flourish, but i am unsure as to how much i should be adding...also when i bought my Hagen C02 kit it came with a small sample bottle of some type of iron suppliment no instructions or anything though..Should i be dosing that also?

Im just really confused when it comes to fertilizing and dosing the tank..I dont want to add to much or the wrong stuff. but i also want to help the plants as much as I can. they seem to be doing good without anything really..I just started Co2 4 days ago...readings are still low at 9.5ppm but its building :fish:

Thanks in advance :proud:

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Im in the process of upgrading to a 20/25g tank probably will be setting it up once i get my new lights in a week or so...but this is my current setup.

Current tank:
med sized gravel
AC300 (modded to slow flow)
45w misc fluorescent (2 plant one 10K)
Hagen Co2 system with bubble ladder
Medium peice of driftwood

8 small Neons
2 Zebra Danios
1 Bristle Nose Pleco
1 tiny Clown Loach
3 Amano Shrimp
1 Clam

Baby Tears
Micro Sword
Java Moss
Red Lugwiga
Rotala Indica
Amazon Sword
1 Algae Ball (2")

Water Parameters: (as of 2-24-05)
Amonia - 0ppm
Nitrite - 0ppm
Nitrate - 10-20ppm (water change day is tomorrow)
PH - 7.0
Co2 - 9ppm


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The dosing schedule for my ten gallon is as follows:

Kno3 1/8 tsp Twice a Week.
Flourish 2 ml Twice a Week.
P04 rice grain size added to tank Twice a Week.

50 % water change once a week.

The Kno3 and Po4 is the dry fertilizer you buy From Greg Watson.

For your Hagen I would add a DIY mixture and lose the packets.

1/2 TSP Yeast.
1 Cup Sugar.
Pinch of Baking Soda.
Warm water to Second Line.

When you setup your other tank I would reccomend not using a UGF.

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Thanks! And I know..I wont be using a UGF again on any tanks. this was just an old all fish setup. And im already using the DIY mixture. the Co2 has only been running for 4 days now..its been making bubbles since about an hour after i set it up..and hasnt stopped since. The packets got tossed into the dont need it but cant throw it away box :)
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