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Supplement light to Current Led Plus Light

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Hi all - brand new to this thread (and also new to aquaruims)! I have a 55 gallon tank (20 inch height) and I want to grow baby dwarf tears without CO2 injection - just liquid CO2 (Flourish Excel). I know this is hit or miss, but seems like few have been able to accomplish.

I currently upgraded my fluorescent to a Current LED Plus Light. I knew it wasn't the best for planting, but I wanted all the options on the light. In the event that the light does provide sufficient lighting to grow the dwarf tears, would folks recommend I get a second Current LED Plus Light (so that it syncs and acts as one)? Do two medium penetrating lights work better together? Would I need to buy a stronger supplemental light?

I want to have enough light where the plants will grow, but not where I'm stressing my fish out. I have a school of ghost/glass cat fish and I know they are sensitive to the light.

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From what I've read, dwarf baby tears requires high light and pressurized CO2. You may be able to get by without the pressurized CO2, but not the light requirement. One LED+ light is low light. Adding a second will probably put you in the middle of medium light. I think adding a second light is a must and even then you may not have enough light. I'd also think of your fish since you already have them. It seems to me the plant you want and the fish you have aren't compatible.

For comparison, I have a 48"-60" Satellite LED+ and a 48"-60" Marineland Double Bright on my 55 gallon and in no way would I say I am in the high light category. I'm solidly in the medium light section and I won't even bother with dwarf baby tears. I'm growing crypts, lace java fern and Staurogyne repens great without even bothering with CO2. I'm heavily stocked with fish, so I consider that my CO2 injection.
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I plan to put a lot of coverage (driftwood, rocks, etc) so that the fish can get out of the light during the day time. Not too worried about that.

Do you find it okay to have two different set of lights? Specifically with the Current LED plus?
I'm thinking of adding another 36" Finnex Ray2. However, do you think that would be overkill with my existing Current LED Plus?

Also, I've read that if you do not have injected CO2, they recommend against the Ray2. Why is that? Because of algae growth?

Should I just go with a FugeRay instead of a Ray2?

Sorry for all these questions - I'm just torn between these lights...
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