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Supercharged Fluval Chi

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Hello everyone,

My name is Thomas and I'm from Dallas, TX. I wanted to post up my progress on my little Fluval Chi. I have kept a basic aquarium in it's factory trim for about a year until I discovered iwagumi and planted tanks, so needless to say, I've gotten a little obsessed. I moved my three neon tetra and a nerite snail over to a separate 2.5 gallon and started coming up with a relatively high tech planted nano.

I'm new to this so I'm sure there are a few elements of my layout that could use tweaking. I hope I'm on the right path, because I'm learning as I go - I've spent a lot of time researching so I think I should be off to a decent start. My goal was to something simple based on some of the iwagumi scapes I've enjoyed. I also want to focus on making a carpet and learning just 3 plant types for this tank.

OK, here's a shot of my 5 gal Chi after removing the filter bracket and laid out hardscape:

I'm using straight aquasoil with substrate supports I made out of a floppy plastic black binder from office depot. The stones are zebra stone - I found one very nice large piece and whacked it with the butt end of my axe to get a few decent chunks (this sends rock shrapnel everywhere so I don't advise doing this around your children or your windows). I'm a little bummed because I noticed that snails from a previous version of this tank have literally etched their snail trail on the inside of the glass, probably from sand substrate. For lighting I purchased two Finnex FugeRays. I hope these work out.

Here is the tank set up with the filter - an Eheim 2211. I'll be using compressed co2 so I've mounted the bubble counter in this location as well. I will probably move this to the other side of the tank.