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super tall glosso trim options?

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I aquired some glosso from the store thats round 4 inchs tall. the bottom 2 inchs being pretty bare. Can i cut off the BOTTOM of the plants and replant? like a stem?
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You can cut between the nodes or leaves and replant. With a 4 inch stem, you could replant more than 3-4 cuttings each, that is if they're healty enough to replant.
I received some glosso that fit this same description. I ended up cutting the brown parts away and cutting like he ^^ said but into 1-2 in pieces buried .5-1 in deep into the substrate. Right now the tank is in emersed mode but I'm starting to see obvious growth and no melting at 5 days.

Good luck! If I could wean that pathetic glob of glosso back to life I'm sure you can as well! :bounce:
Glossostigma is a stem plant, so yes you can do that.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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