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Up for sale is all the plants from my shrimp tank breakdown. It'll come with all the plants from the tank below minus the moss wall, which has been sold already. All plants algae free and chemical free. All Plants are rooted plants not cuttings. Grown in low light, no-CO2 and Aquasoil. No transition period so no melting in your tank. This plant package is what you need if you have a shrimp tank or are starting one.

Package comes with:

Lots and Lots of Crypt Parva (a big jar full, see below enough to start a carpet)
~10 rooted stems of Starougyne Repens 049
~15-20 Stems of Bacopa Japan (not common)
~20-30 nodes of Marsela Minuta (see pic)
~1 golf ball of Mini X-Mas Moss
1 bunch of Eleocharis Acicularis (Dwarf Hairgrass)
~A handful of Floaters Salvinia Rotundifolia (great nitrate sucker)

$50.00 shipped priority.

Tank where the plants came from

View attachment 58335

After the plants have been sorted and cleaned.

View attachment 58336

View attachment 58337

View attachment 58338
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