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Super Red Bristlenose Pleco Pairs (few pairs available)
$70/pair + $35 additional male
Guaranteed male and female! 12 to 14-month-old fish

Super Red Bristlenose Unsexed fish 1.5" to 2"
7 month old fish - great size for helping maintain your planted tank.
$35/group of 5 fish + $7 each additional unsexed fish

About My Fish
  • Parent fish are unrelated and a mature pair (Male is 6"+). I originally purchased them as my algae team for my planted aquariums.
  • Plecos are 12-14 months old and sexually mature but are not yet proven breeders. I do have siblings from this group that are already breeding. Provided with the right conditions and they can start breeding in 3-4 months or sooner
  • Guaranteed pair - I don't mix too many different ages of super reds in my grow-out tanks. This ensures that I can reliably determine the age of my fish. You won't get sleeper males from my pairs.
  • Males are 2.5" to 3"+ and females are 2" to 2.5" in size. My policy is to sell and ship the biggest fish first! Please also look at my photo on how I determine my females.


Bristlenose plecos are not very picky eaters but I provide them with quality food. The main foods listed are my go-to food for my plecos but other food can be introduced by gradually feeding it to them. Other listed foods are given as a snack or treat (twice or once a week). This ensures the fish have a varied diet.

  • Repashy Soilent Green (Main food)
  • Zucchini (Main food) - washed with hot water and peeled
  • Fluval Pleco Bug Bites (Main food)
  • Hikari Algae Wafers
  • Repashy Bottom Scratcher
  • Frozen Blood worms
  • Frozen Brine Shrimp

My fish also have access to driftwood that they rasp on. This is beneficial in providing a good amount of fiber to their diet.

Water Parameters

  • Water Temp: 78
  • TDS: 120 to 160 TDS
  • PH: 6.2 to 6.6

  • I ship using USPS Priority Mail - No Live Arrival Guarantee. NO refunds provided for this shipping option.
  • I ship using USPS Express (preferred) - Live Arrival Guarantee - refunds are provided for this fish as long as the buyer sends a picture of the dead fish in the sealed bag. Shipping cost is non-refundable. Buyer can also get replacement fish if they are willing to pay for shipping.
  • I have the fish tagged "Live Animal - Other" in the USPS system to ensure the best chance of survival during transit so each shipping order is done through my post office.
  • Fish are put on fasting 24 hours before being shipped. Reduced fish poop in the bag an ensures better survival during shipping.
  • I ship Mondays, Tuesdays and, Wednesdays (USPS Express Only)
  • Fish are individually double-bagged using 4 mil polybags (total 8 mil for 2 bags) and I use pure oxygen for each bag.
  • Fish are shipped in styrofoam insulated box
  • Heatpacks are available and will be provided at no extra cost

Payment by Paypal Only

Please contact me if you have any question regarding my fish Thanks for shopping!


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