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Super Red ABN's possible mating!

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I bought a pair of super red ABN's about a year ago.
Lately I've noticed the 2 of them in a ceramic tube/cave I have for them. She goes out but he stays in, this goes on for hours. Unfortunately I can't see if there are any eggs in there it's not totally
turned towards the front glass. My question is can I move the tube or
will that bother the parents or do something to the eggs if there are any?
Or do I take the tube out and put it in another tank altogether?
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Just leave everything as is. The male will defend the eggs very well. Not many fish think twice about tangling with a pleco.
Thank you:) I've haven't had any of my fish breed, they're either all males of one species or all females, so this is kinda exciting:)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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