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Super Diffuser will only flow 1 BPS

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Ditched my pollen diffuser which is flowing bubbles that are too big to diffuse now and bought this super diffuser off ebay:

The problem is I can mess with the needle valve all I want on my pothead style regulator like the one pictured:

......but it's set up for cubic feet per hour instead of PSI. My new diffuser works best at around 30 PSI I'm told and I don't have any way of nowing what 15 Cubic feet per hour compared to PSI is. Can I just replace the needle valve on this thing and be golden?
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I've seen that diffuser on ebay, it looks exactly like GLA's.
If it's anything similar, you're in for lots of diffusion.
Yeah, it's kinda working. A small mist of bubbles is being released from either side but at about 1BPS
Swapped that regulator flowmeter to my harbor freight unit.

Works better, but don't have any way to adapt the solenoid to it as of now. Will have to find the correct adapters for it. I can pretty much delete the needle valve though. The knob on the regulator dials in the pressure.
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IMO: Your diffuser needs 30 or more psi to work , you need a needle valve to bring that psi pressure down even more for our co2 use. {Bubble per Second}

A Quote from AquaZilla:
Needle Valve - the most important part of the regulator. The needle valve provides precise control over the amount of CO2 allowed to enter the aquarium; it further reduces exit pressure of the regulator to approximately 1 - 3 psi. It allows you to fine tune and regulate the rate of flow (the number of CO2 bubbles per second) at the desired level. Not all needle valves, however, are created equal. It is important to invest in a quality needle valve for increased precision and to avoid the potentially negative effects of “end of tank dumps”. As the liquid gas in a cylinder nears empty, the pressure in the cylinder will decrease, causing the output pressure to quickly increase and potentially “dump” out of the cylinder into the aquarium. A needle valve will control this “dump” because it functions as the gateway that controls the volume of gas entering the aquarium, it will stabilize the increased output pressure at the set rate of flow (bubbles per second) preventing the CO2 from completely dumping into the aquarium.
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Even though the HF regulator is set up for CF it works for what I need it to do. Ordered a 5/8 18 to 1/4 NPT adapter that fits the needle valve and the solenoid so I'll figure out what works best. Will post a pic when I have it together and post a video of the diffuser working.
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