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I have just added a small CO2 system to my nano tank. I have the GLA Atomic regulator with solenoid. I am trying to grow a carpet of DHG and it is an 8.5g running with 8 watts of LED.

The problem I seem to be having is that the water in the atomizer drains out after a hour or so. I can get it to refill by breaking the seal on the canister. Is this normal? I do not know how many PSIs are flowing and I broke my bubble counter so I am kinda running it in the dark right now.

The second issue I seem to have is a problem with getting the CO2 to break the check valve seal when it turns back on. Should I get another check valve or am I just being impatient?
I *just* finished my setup. Pics to follow shortly.

I setup a GLA inline atomizer with a GLA Primo regulator setup.

You NEED a minimum of 30 PSI or else it will fill up with water.
Without 30 PSI water will back siphon into your bubble counter.

Let me know if you have any questions.
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