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Sunsun Canister filter sucking air?

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I just set up my sunsun 302 after being in storage for about ~6 months and I keep hearing it sucking a little bit of air through the pump and I can see that there are air bubbles all over the glass of the tank.

What could be the cause of this? I shook the canister filter a little to get any air that could be trapped out and it still is intermittently sucking air. Very annoying at this point and there is very little info on Sunsun canister filters so I'm hoping someone here can help me. It isn't leaking anywhere and overall is working normally...
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Press and hold the primer button down. Release after 10 seconds. Wait and see if that helps. Repeat if it doesn't.

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I would second the primer seal. Maybe revitalize the rubber with a tad bit of petroleum jelly if you can get to it.
airs gotta be coming in somewhere, check intake, also cut the hoses so they're tight as possible as well as doing all the above. I've had this problem with sun suns before

and also when you cut the hose make sure its all straight and not jagged, I don't know how big your filter is but they're pretty hard to cut with the mother size
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