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SunSun 603B canister filter for a 1 feet tank

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I have a 1 feet tank (30x20x17) which is about 2.5 gallons or 11litres.

I'm thinking of getting the SunSun 603B canister filter but unsure whether the minimum flow rate is still too strong for my nano tank? I have a planted tank and it would be disastrous if everything got uprooted (and all my shrimps and fish freaking out due to the high flow rate)

Anyone who has this canister filter can care to comment?

Many thanks!
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Im not sure what its rated for but that seems like a lot of flow for a 2 gallon tank?

I have the 302 on a 29 gallon tank and while I also have a koralia in there it is a significant amount of flow.
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