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I switched my Fluval 306 to my new tank and, of course, the hoses were too short as the new tank and stand are considerably taller. I didn't want to spend twenty bucks on that 16mm ribbed hosing garbage again and the Fluval intake isn't long enough for my new tank. So I had a brainstorm and decided to pick up the SunSun replacement accessories kit for fifteen dollars that comes with hoses, modular length intake tube, and spraybar so I could pipe in my shiny new ETH300. I figured that since 5/8" is a little shy of 16mm I would have to boil the hoses a bit to get them to fit. This was not required at all, and they slipped snugly on as though they were made for the Aquastop with the compression fitting snugging up against them no problem. If anybody wants inline accessories for their Fluval this would be the easiest way to go, and the SunSun tubing is pretty thick so kinks aren't ever an issue.

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