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SunSun 302 intake help

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I have a Sun Sun 302 canister filter and i need the water level lower than what it is. I looked at many DIY canister intake and bought everything, I made the intake and it isn't working. Any advice on how I can fix this.
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If I understand what you are doing, you want the filter to pull the water more distance from the water level to up and over the tank rim? And it doesn't do it, like in it won't start moving water? That is not one that can be changed by changing the intake. The motors on filters are designed to be very small and cost efficient but as a tradeoff, they are also very weak pumps and can't lift water very high. Lots of times it is only going to lift it a couple inches to get it over the tank wall and the rest is a simple siphon operation.
You may need a pump change if this is what you are wanting.
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