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Sunlight Only Tank

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Here's my snail farm~:)
3 gal eclipse
sand as substrate
lighting~sunlight only{if it's overcast for several days I run a 13 wt AH supply light for a few hours, that's what I used to take these pics}
no filter
Anubias Afzelii
tiny bit of Taiwan moss
I dose a small amount of CA once a week for their shells.

It's not fancy...:redface:
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pretty cool. I have a couple sunlight only nanos. a lotta goblets growing hairgrass, and two other nanos which don't get much attention. the best situation is summer with long daylight hours.
dont worry you dont need to add any calcium. those snails showed up in all of my tanks of their own accord and if there is nothing to eat them, they multiply prolificly and dont need a bit of attention. some got into my tank of betta fry 4 weeks ago. now i have at least 50.
All snails need calcium. I am raising these snails as food for my puffer, so the mom's and dad's need to be healthy so they can continue to reproduce. These are pond snails. Thanks Fredyk.:)
wow eggs everywhere, your farm is working :)
i have a sunlit tank, for keeping my spare nerites and farming marsilea.
Have you ever seen such prolific creatures?:) Since the photo was taken the other day, I noticed yesterday many of them have hatched. There are tiny dots everywhere! I feed my snails Hikari algae wafers, they go crazy! It's funny to see them get into 'fights', and I love it when they just decide to launch to the surface. I also noticed there are two red ramshorns in the mix. I got these snails from a girl in Cali. So I will be having red snails soon, pretty cool. Wish we could get the striped nerites here in the states for fw tanks. I have sw nerites with all kinds of beautiful patterns.:icon_cool
I am thinking when winter really sets in I will either have to add a heater or move the tank inside for awhile.
do you know how to breed nerites? i read that they need brackish water.
I found a very cool article, by Julian Sprung I think..that explains the differences between them. I believe you are correct. Shouldn't be too hard to do.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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