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Sunblaster T5HO, 24" deep tank?

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I am working on budget lighting for my 60 gallon and want medium lighting, but also to hang the fixture using bent conduit or some other attractive solution. I can't easily reach anything in this tank so a hanging fixture would make life much easier!

I also have access to a metal shop and am thinking of a simple curved or PVC gutter shaped reflector/cover. Either painted white or left metal on the inside.

So, assuming the lights are hanging 6 inches I'm 28" to substrate with either the super shiny Sunblaster reflectors or just my DIY one, how many bulbs would be best?

I also want moonlighting, so I plan on using timers, I think could chain the lights and still stagger the timing to have a mid day burst?

I attached pictures of the super cheap "full spectrum" eBay light and then the lighting using two daylight led floods in clamp lights.
The clamp lights hit the bottom, but I don't want to fight with them and they look silly.


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Don't waste your money on the reflectors for the sunblaster if you haven't already. I tried one on my 55 several years ago to supplement my satellite +. The reflector only comes down the bulb 1/2 to 3/4 the way and lets a lot spill into the room. Looking at hoppys charts, at 2 bulb hyrdroponic fixture with good reflector will put you roughly on the border line on low and medium at 28.5". A 4 bulb would put you at border line medium and high at 30". Roughly mid medium at 31".

PARforVariousBulbs.jpg Photo by Hoppycalif | Photobucket
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